Friday , June 25 2021

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Beach Cum

The water was cold on my body, causing little goose bumps to rise all over me. I loved the feeling of the sun against my skin, then the feel of the cold water rinsing the suntan oil off. Nude beaches were my particular thing. I liked being a female and naked against the elements. I loved the feel of the wind, the sun, and the water against my naked body; …

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Becky Takes A Lover

I’m 31 and Becky is 24. She likes to dress very provocatively, rarely wearing a bra, and giving all the men who see her a big thrill. Her breasts are just right, not so big they sag but more than enough to play with. Her braless thick nipples are always saying look at us. She has a slim waist with nice rounded hips, her long sexy legs complete a package …

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Lucky Truckers

The first time we did something like this LuEllen walked to a truck on the freeway and they took off and I followed them to a truck stop in Missouri. The driver and LuEllen were alone though. I just went to the coffee shop and waited. Lu had a blast she said and hoped we could do it again. Well it happened again. It was a cool April day and …

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Black Bred

I’m married to a wonderful man. We live in a nice house in a good neighborhood. My husband travels on business often and plans on making a long trip this week. His long trips sometimes leaves me sexually frustrated so I have to resort to playing with my toys. My mind starts drifting as I play with my vibrator. My head leaned all the way back as I rub my …

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Alternate Lifestyle

The room was dark with only candles illuminating the tables as I walked inside the restaurant. My heart was racing as I contemplated what I was getting myself into. I had agreed to meet a couple at the restaurant to see if I met their screening criteria to join them in a rendezvous for sex. This meeting was set up via an online chat room and we had never seen …

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