Friday , June 25 2021

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Bhabhi Ki Chudai Main Uski Beti Bonus Main Mili

Today i am telling you about my sexual relation ship with my bhabhi. she is 35 years old . but she is looks like just 25 years old young girl. she has also a daughter who is just 15 years old and studing in class10th. aaj main aapko apni true strie share karne ja raho hoon. Agar aapko meri kahani pasand aaye to mujhe mail kijiyega. mujhe aapke mail ka …

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Aunt Jane came to fuck

I had been married to my wife for six years. From day one, everyone went to her aunt Wilma’s house to hang out, grab a drink, play cards and in general just chill out. It was where I could go for a good game of poker, as she was 67 years old and retired. I never thought anything freaky about her because she was so cool. One night, a Friday, …

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A strict aunt disciplines her nephew

Aunt Cecilia had lived alone until the day her sister died in 1955 she was forced to take in her sixteen year old nephew. She enjoyed living alone and was not offended by the term old maid or spinster, she enjoyed her job as a librarian and thought a good book and a hot coffee an enjoyable evening. At 43 she was still quite attractive but considered plain due to …

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A BBW Clean Up

Okay, it’s been a few weeks and if I don’t tell someone I’m just going to die. Before we got back home from, what ended up being extended, holiday I had a brief affair. Well I suppose that affair would not be the right word. Maybe encounter would be better. I’m not too sure that everyone would consider it to be sex either. I know when Bill Clinton was the …

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My lesbian Aunty

“Hey mom! I’m home.” Alex the shortish brown haired, green-eyed girl called as she dropped her school bag at the kitchen door. “Mom?” She called again. “She’s not here.” A strange voice said from behind her. Alex jumped back from the stranger. “Who are you?” She demanded. The woman she was confronted with simply smiled. “Where’s my mom?” “Relax Alex.” She said monotone.<shit, who=”” the=”” hell=”” is=”” this=”” woman!?=”” shit!=””></shit,> …

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