Friday , June 25 2021

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It’s always nice to have a maid around the house

coming for quite a while now. They say you should never sleep with the help, but this was inevitable. She wanted it. I wanted it. She got it. It all started about four months ago. I’d taken on a large number of projects – two free-lance articles for an ‘in air’ magazine; a tech writing piece for a local software company; a made for TV screen play; and three movie …

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A fantasy about huge breasts and the never ending cum

I met her at a store. I was just shopping around, minding my own business, when this beautiful blonde bumped into me. She was tall, nearly my height and built like you wouldn’t believe. Huge breasts, thin waist, exaggerated curves; she was a walking wet dream. She literally bumped into me, knocking the bag out of my hand and onto the floor. “I’m sorry,” she breathed, breathlessly. “It’s ok,” I …

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My Wife Surrender To My Boss

Madhu and I met and married in college, finishing together to begin our careers, she is a teacher, me as an accountant. Our sex life was normal, normal and dull. It was just straight sex, missionary style. I tried to talk to her about expanding her horizons and tried to get her to do other things, or, maybe even tell me her fantasies, but, she seemed sexless most of the …

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