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After a night of wild partying Paris Hilton spends the night with Britney Spears

It was just a couple of nights after Britney Spears’ famous, or should I say infamous, pantiless pictures hit the internet. She and Paris Hilton were out on the town for another wild night. After a few hours of dancing and several bottles of champagne they fought their way through the paparazzi, got into Paris’ car and sped away. “Holy fuck Paris, I am sooooo drunk!” Britney laughed. “I guess …

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Gangbang With Alicia

Alicia awoke with a groan. Her head felt like it was ready to explode. She tried to remember what had happened to her, but couldn’t. She remembered going to a party and meeting some really slimy guys who kept hitting on her. Finally she’s been tired of the hassle and had begun to leave. She had walked out to her car when everything went black. Alicia sat up and noticed …

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Scarlett Johansson – Wedding Night

“Ready, baby?” It was a simple two words. An ordinary two words. But when they’re spoken by your new wife in your honeymoon suite, hours after your island wedding, they take on a special meaning. When your new wife asks this before coming out of your hotel room bathroom, wearing an open white robe, with a green bra and matching panties and nothing else on, it is an overload of …

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Debbie Reynolds – fucked in Denver dance club

The parts about Debbie wearing extremely revealing clothes in Denver are true. She let guys look up her skirt and down her blouse. They did push her nipple out of her bra. The did pull her skirt up her ass, even when she was commando. The did dry hump the fuck out of her cunt and ass on the dance floor. They did feel her bra-less tits through her sheer …

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The Big Bang Theory Sex Parody

Now that I had the money, I was able to afford to buy a new sofa and bed, refrigerator and stove were included. It was a two bedroom apartment, I might decide to take in a roommate later. The lease was reasonable priced and it was a short drive to the University I worked out. I had a chance to chat with the previous tenant over coffee. He told me …

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Alyssa’s sex story

Alyssa puts her blonde hair back in a ponytail and takes a deep breath while smiling. A random chain of events to be certain but Alyssa doesn’t care, all she can think about is when the next opportunity to get some black cock will be! Alyssa wakes up as the car continues to zoom down the dark highway. She kinda wipes her face a bit as she pulls her phone …

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