Friday , June 25 2021

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My white boy was now lying on the floor at my mercy

I hate men, fuck them all, but I love their dicks. I love the way their dicks feel pounding in me, making me go crazy with lust. Black brothers fuck better, but white boys are more willing and eager. There was this time when I picked up a white boy at a bar on the south side of town. He wanted to fuck a black chick and could pay and …

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Fierce female warriors ravage the coast and enslave men

Two smiling Vikings hauled the squirming man to the gunnels, grasping his upper arms and bending him on the rail. His mistress examined the scars on his thighs and found that he had been serving her for eight moons. She grinned at him as he begged in a language she did not understand, drew her fish gutting knife from her belt, grasped his scotum, pulled it down and cut off …

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