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Fucking My Cousins – Leanne (True story)

Fucking My Cousins – Leanne (True story), Leanne and Natasha are both my cousins. Natasha is my age, Leanne is 2 years older. True story but bits are exaggerated for the reader. One day I went to sleep over at my cousins house. I had to sleep in my cousin Leanne’s room. I’ll start by describing Leanne, she had mousy brown hair, freckles, a slim body, medium sized breasts and …

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Pervert cousins

Sue twisted strands of her shoulder length brunette hair around and around her finger as she talked on the phone. “A movie and then something to eat? That sounds nice Jim.” She listened for a second and then said, “Cool, I’ll see you at six-thirty then.” Sue hung up the phone and then fell back on the bed, staring at the ceiling. She had an honest to goodness date with …

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