Friday , June 25 2021

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Latex Nuns From Hell

It was the hour of the wolf and Sister Jessica Felicita was troubled. She had been awake in bed for at least an hour reliving a particular event from the previous day and contemplating her life. Regret and anxiety had taken hold and no amount of prayer was getting her back to sleep. Frustrated, she tossed the thin blanket off her body and slid off the bed into the muggy …

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Domination, sububmission and bdsm

For those of you reading I’m sure you’ve noticed a good portion of these are from the perspective of the submissive, well I have a little pet of mine and her horny little self is always reading these and against my permission making her tight little pussy of mine moist only to come to me and I make her soaked so for you tonight I’m gunna give you a story …

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My Wife Ann is Taken by a Dominant 18 Year Old Male

My 51 year old wife is taken and dominated by a young 18 year old stud. My wife Ann had just turned fifty-one, and we recently celebrated our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. We are your typical middle class family with kids off to college, and dreams of retirement someday. Over the last few years I had become fascinated with the idea of sharing Ann with another man. I went to great …

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Dogs and virgins xxx

There are moments in life that define you, and this was one of them. I could feel the dog’s slobber drip onto my back, it’s hot breath panting in my ear, it’s slippery cock jabbing wildly leaving wet trails across my ass. It was at that moment that I knew with every fibre of my being that I wanted to become a dog slut. As I felt the dog’s movements …

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