Wednesday , June 16 2021

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A girl at party finds herself the subject in an experiment that turns her from a virgin to a slut

Brittany was having a good time at the party until this egghead guy came and started talking with her. She was not even really listening to him. He was going on and on about pheromones or something. “Do you want a beer?” his question finally got her attention. “Sure!” anything that would get him out of her face even for a few minutes was welcome, and if he did come …

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Two female roomates indoctrinate a third into their horny games

It Was A Night To Remember… Before I begin, let me introduce the main participants in this occurrence. First, of course, there is Sari, 19 years old and my girlfriend at the time that these events transpired. Sari was outgoing and very intelligent. She had a dazzling smile and lively, dark brown eyes, almost as dark as her black hair. She was 5’2″, probably around 115 pounds… not fat or …

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Wife goes to a biker bar with unintended consequences

Wow! When my husband suggested that I go out last night I had an idea what I was in for but wow, it wasn’t anything like this. John and I have been married for 8 years. We have an open relationship sexually. This was at John’s urging, mostly because he spends weeks, sometimes more than a month, on the road running his business. We’ve always shared the experiences, both his, …

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