Wednesday , June 16 2021

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I Got Gang Banged In Arizona

My ex boyfriend was a star on our high school basketball team. I guess I always knew he was an arrogant jerk, but he was hot, popular and my ticket into the “in crowd”. I was a year younger than him, and until I started dating him I was kind of the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Aside from that, we had some great sex. He was …

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Fraternity Gangbang

It happened last year, my 1st year of college. I thought I was fairly well experienced sexually. I started petting and performing oral sex in 8th grade. My first intercourse happened during 9th grade. First sexual experience with another girl in 10th grade. First 3-way with two guys also in 10th grade. First 3-way with a guy and a girl in 11th grade. First time with more than 2 guys, …

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