Friday , June 25 2021

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Wife played & lost a game of strip darts to strangers

It was an evening of darts my wife won’t forget in a hurry! A fusion of alcohol, a persuasive older woman and a foreign vacation, resulted in her state of undress. It was our first visit to the craziness of L.A! In fact, neither of us had been to the U.S before! The duplex rental looked fantastic in the photos and was even better in reality, it would indeed be …

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Caring wife mistakenly ends up naked in clothing auction

My wife was always over eager to help out, especially for charity or a good cause. My sister-in-law simply isn’t that kind hearted, she’s manipulative and cunning, she knew that my wife’s good nature and sweet natural naïveté could be exploited, as on so many occasions now she played her like a Dutch harp. As my wife still wasn’t working after arriving from Tokyo, she was bored and a little …

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