Wednesday , June 16 2021

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Colette In The Men’s Toilet

Colette had no doubt that her husband Jacinto, loved her very dearly. She nevertheless knew that, in spite of his love, he liked to see her being abused and degraded. This being the case, she was understanding when her husband told her that he had arranged for her to be abused by two men that he’d met up with – something that they had done on previous occasions, but as …

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A story of a couple who find a dog for their love play

Let me make it absolutely clear before I start with this true tale, I am not in anyway gay. I have never wanted to be fucked by another man or even thought about getting intimate with a member of the same sex. Sure, I love watching two women going at it, in fact, I derive great pleasure from seeing a couple of girls suck and fuck each other. Tongues and …

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